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Passion Fish

Mary McDonnell, Alfre Woodard, Angela Bassett
cocaine freebase
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A nurse checks patient Mary-Alice for orientation: "Do you know where you are?"
"Do you know who you are?"
Mary-Alice: "She's the woman with the amnesia, not me."
Nurse: "He'll give you something to calm you down."
"Sometimes the medication makes it hard to remember." (0:02)

Mary-Alice asks, "Shrink?"
Psychologist Kline: "I'm Dr. Kline."
Mary-Alice: "Shrink?"
Kline: "I'm a psychologist."
Mary-Alice: "I was under analysis for 7 yrs." (0:05)

A nurse tells  Mary-Alice about her biker friend, "cause he was in this psychological drug experiment thing... something went wrong." (0:16)

Precious asks Ti-Marie, "Well, I can empathize, can't I?" (0:46)

Mary-Alice asks "Chantelle, "Do you think I'll need the restraints today." (0:49)

Chantelle confronts Mary-Alice, "You drink too much." (0:52)

Luther tells Mary-Alice, "I just did some more of whatever I was all messed up on, and it just shot me right past it to somewhere else."
Luther: "She finished with her detox?"
"That's good. She keepin' straight." (1:01)

Chantelle asks Mary-Alice, "Do you think you can get through a day without a drink?"
"You have enough problems with your liver and your kidneys."
Mary-Alice: "You're the addict, not me."
Chantelle: "I cleaned up. I finished detox a month ago."
"It was fun living high... then we got to freebasing."
Mary-Alice: "I'm not going to drink today. I might as well go to bed." (1:12)

Chantelle: "First I was in a hospital. No place to score." (1:14)

Mary-Alice looks franticly for liquor.
She tells Chantelle, "When I get stronger, I'll quit drinking."
Chantelle: "Some days I want to get high so bad I can't breathe."
"Cocaine is different." (1:19)

Nina tells Mary-Alice and the other girls, "He has me sit with my eyes closed and free associate... aliens representing our most primal fears."
"I'm in this therapy group of these people who've had these alien physicals... before she came to the therapy group... The lead actor is gone. He's got his shrink appointment." (1:31)

Chantelle, referring to her mother, tells Mary-Alice, "I lost her when I was 14. Diabetes." (1:41)

Mary-Alice tells her physical therapist Louise, referring to Chantelle, "She's been all over me about my drinking." (1:50)

Mary-Alice asks producer Vance, "And I still have amnesia, and I'm pregnant?"
"But I don't recognize his voice because of the amnesia."
Vance: "The impact of the car cured the amnesia."
"So we thought, you've lost the amnesia..." (2:04)