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Pineapple Express

Seth Rogen, James Franco, Gary Cole, Danny McBride
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If you need clips of stoners smoking joints this is as good a collection as you are likely to find. Don't look for any kind of serious message, but there is one moment of insight when Dale says, "We are not very functional when we're high." (1:14)

US Army Private Miller smoking a joint containing a substance referred to as "item 9", and becoming intoxicated, apparently as part of a military experiment. (0:01)

Dale smoking a joint and driving. (0:04)

Dale and his dealer Saul examine and discuss a bag of marijuana. (0:12)

Saul shows Dale "cross" joint, and the two share it, coughing (0:13)

Dale lights a joint in his car but drops it on the street (0:21). Ted picks it up, smokes it and identifies the substance as pineapple express (0:23)

Saul smokes a joint. (0:26)

Mattheson smokes a joint (0:27).

Dale and Saul smoking (0:28); smoking to intoxication outdoors (0:39); smoking together, then smoking with school boys while warning them it is a "gateway" drug (1:03).

Ted invents names for different kinds of marijuana in bags (0:59 ).

Very brief scenes of two men using a hookah (1:01 ).