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Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

Kristen Bell, Christian Campbell, Neve Campbell, Alan Cumming, Ana Gasteyer, John Kassir, Amy Spanger, Robert Torti, Steven Weber, Kevin McNulty
marijuana | heroin | cocaine
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Ralph smokes a joint then laughs dementedly.


New Drug Menace!

A woman reads it to her husband. (0:00)

A woman in the audience struggles to pronounce the word marijuana. (0:02)

Lecturer at PTA meeting: “... a new drug menace... Marijuana is that drug...” (0:04)

Lecturer: “What makes this particular drug so dangerous is that there are no forbidding needles or snorting powders. Children smoke a reefer stick thinking it could be an ordenary perfectly harmless cigarette...” (0:07)

A street cleaner refers to “the shameful corkboard of the reefer den.” (0:13)

Ralph in the marijuana garden: “Look at all this weed.” (0:15)

Jack throws a joint to Mae. She smokes. (0:16)

Young Jack shows young Mae a joint. (0:17)

Lecturer: “... the Federal Bureau of Narcotics tells us that marijuana possesses an addictive power beyond even that of heroin or cocaine.”
Parent Paul: “My wife’s cousin had himself a problem with the heroin... there’s nothing more addictive than that stuff.”
”I think it was marijuana that her cousin was hooked on.”
Lecturer: “Would that it had been mere heroin... marijuana is an insidious master...” (0:19)

Lecturer: “For I’m here to tell you that Cab Calloway... and the whole weed blowing ginger colored lot... are in fact agents of evil. Reefer slows down the smoker’s sense of time...” (0:26)

Partiers smoke fiendishly. (0:27)

Mae tells Jack, “I got hooked at that age...”
Sally tells Jimmy, “This isn’t a cigarette. It’s a real smoke. Reefer. Let’s share it.”
All light up. Ralph smokes with a hookah. Jimmy smokes a joint. In a fantasy dance scene Jimmy smokes a giant hookah with others. Jimmy hallucinates. (0:31)

Jimmy smokes a water pipe. (0:39)

Jimmy tells Jesus, “I got a great high cookin’ here.”
Jesus: “I’m here to bring you up with dope. Not your brand of dope. The straight dope. Do you think those reefer fiends are cool?” (0:46)

Jesus: “Jimmy, take a hit of God instead. You think you can handle the high?” (0:49)

Ralph and Jimmy smoke and laugh dementedly. Jimmy tells Mae, “Hey, that’s my Mary Jane.”
Mae: “You don’t own the Mary Jane. Mary Jane owns you.” (0:50)

Lecturer: “It is a matter of public record that the addict will sell anything... at all to obtain the decadent rush of that next fix.” (0:51)

Jimmy asks Sally, “You didn’t really sell your baby for reefer money, did you?”
They share a joint as she drives. (0:52)

Lecturer: “In a time when... a reckless lunatic sits in the Whitehouse...” (1:00)

Jack tells Jimmy, “I can’t have you telling the cops where you get your stack leaf.”
He hands Jimmy a joint.
He tells Jimmy, “I’m through with reefer.”
Jack gives Jimmy a brownie. He eats it. Fish puff on a hookah. (1:02)

Jimmy, Ralph, Mae and Sally smoke joints.
Jack asks Jimmy. “Where else you gonna get your fix?” He gives him a handful of joints. (1:04)

Ralph tells Mary, “We at Phi Beta Cannabis...”
”Let’s celebrate with a smoke.”
He offers her a joint.
Mary: “This isn’t that reefer I’ve heard about, is it?”
Ralph lights it, give it to Mary. She smokes. (1:07)

Lecturer: “... three fourths of the crimes of violence... are committed by dope slaves.” (1:12)

Jack, referring to Jimmy: “That stupid little weed freak.” (1:14)

Jack tells the police, referring to Jimmy, “He might have been smoking that reefer.” (1:18)

Lecturer as prison guard: “In his thought provoking book, Marijuana, Weed of Madness... explains how marijuana...” (1:19)

Mae, Sally and Ralph smoke joints. Radio reporter: “Tonight Jimmy the cannabis killer Harper... under the influence of the new drug menace, marijuana.”
Sally asks Ralph, “What are you, nuts?”
Hallucinations of Jimmy bent on revenge torment Ralph.
Mae, referring to Ralph: “One too many giggle sticks.”
Ralph wanders through a forest of cannabis.
“Just a little too much weed.”
Zombies smoke joints. Ralph appears demented. A member of the audience swoons. (1:20)

Jack offers Mae a joint. After she throws it on the floor Jack tells her, “That was half a J of good mootie you just wasted.” (1:29)

Another woman in the audience swoons. (1:32)

Press reporter: “It is a known scientific fact that when under the influence of marijuana the user becomes insatiably violent... Unfortunately for Mae Coleman she was no longer under the influence.” (1:33)

Jimmy tells President Roosevelt, “I promise never to touch the reefer again.” (1:35)

Jimmy machete’s marijuana plants while Mae douses them with gasoline. Jimmy ignites the gasoline. (1:39)

The original Reefer Madness.