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Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau, Bruno Ganz, Jürgen Prochnow, Heinz Lieven, Henry Czerny, Dean Norris
Adolf Hitler
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Nurse Paula tells patient Mr. Guttman, "Your wife passed away about two weeks ago." (0:02)

His friend Max tells Zev Guttman, "Tonight is the last night, sitting shiva for Ruth, yes?" (0:03)

The nursing home director tells Zev's son Charles and daughter-in-law Rebecca, "Your mother's nursing aid told me that your dad's been very confused lately."
Charles: "That's because he has dementia..."
Director: "However, it's very common after the death of a spouse for more signs of neurocognitive disorders to emerge. Have you notice your father's been having mood swings?" (0:09)

Disoriented Zev confuses train passenger Tyler with his grandson Adam. (0:10)

A man at the train station tells Zev, referring to Tyler, "My son there said that you were sitting next to him on the train and that you seemed a little confused." (0:12)

A gun shop clerk tells Zev the background check might show whether he is "... mentally competent, if you've got more than one DUI offense within the last five years..." (0:14)

Nursing home resident Rudy Kurlander tells Zev that he is "Homosexual." (0:33)

John Kurlander tells Zev that his father would say, "Heil... Hitler.... Heil Hitler. Heil Hitler..." (0:56)

By telephone Zev's son Charles tells someone, "Look, he has dementia."(1:04)

Molly reads aloud Zev's letter from Max: "Ruth has passed away... you have dementia. Recently you have been forgetting many things." (1:07)

Otto tells Zev, "I think you're confused."
"Are you crazy?" (1:19)

Otto tells Zev, "Please stop this madness."
Otto tells his daughter Kristen, referring to Zev, "He is crazy." (1:22)

Zev places the muzzle of his pistol to the side of his head. We hear a gunshot off camera. (1:26)

Max tells the others, referring to Zev and Otto, "They were the men who murdered my family." (1:27)