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Reuniting the Rubins

Timothy Spall, Honor Blackman, James Callis, Rhona Mitra, Blake Harrison, Theo Stevenson, Hugh O'Conor, Jake Rubins, Asier Newman
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Burial in a cemetery. (0:07)

Gran recalls the deaths of her sisters in the holocaust. (0:20)

Gran’s son Lenny tells her, referring to his children, “They’re lunatics.” (0:46)

Lenny’s Rabbi son Yona tells Lenny a story: One man in Yona’s story tells another, “It’s madness. It’s what you’d expect from a madhouse.”
Yona: “So the man stands there... totally depressed...”
Man: “They may think I’m crazy...”
Yona: “Dad... I’m not crazy...”
”Are you mad?” (0:53)

Andie: “Where do you think Danny gets his O.C.D. from?”
Danny: “I don’t have O.C.D.” (1:08)

Burial of Gran followed by Shivah. (1:13)

How many kinds of interlocking triangles and other relationship triangles does this dysfunctional family display?