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Round Midnight

Dexter Gordon, François Cluzet, Gabrielle Haker, Sandra Reaves-Phillips, Lonette McKee, Christine Pascal, Herbie Hancock, Bobby Hutcherson
Dexter Gordon | Charlie Parker
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His vibraphone player neighbor Ace asks saxophonist Dale, “Man, you crazy?” (0:18)

Dale’s graphic designer friend Francis tells Dale, referring to his friend, “Hershell died last night.” (0:35)

Francis tells a psychiatrist, referring to Dale, “In the last hospital they hosed him down with ice water.” (1:06)

His guardian/manager Buttertcup tells Dale, “Well shit, man, you ain’t been straight enough to sign your own damn name on nobody’s contract.” (1:19)

Dale, Francis and Dale’s manager Goodley pass a cemetery in their cab.
Goodley: ”I never saw drivers like these, but they’re crazy.” (1:45)

Francis watches a drug dealer sell drugs to a neighbor. (1:51)

Drug dealer Booker approaches Dale. (1:56)

Francis reads a telegram: “Dale died Friday at Cumberland Hospital. Goodley.” (2:03)

Dale, in Francis’ home movie: “I hope, Lady Francis, that we live long enough to see an Avenue named after Charlie Parker...” (2:07)