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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Amr Waked, Kristin Scott Thomas, Tom Mison, Catherine Steadman,Rachael Stirling, Tom Beard
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Financial advisor Harriet tells her boyfriend army Capt. Robert, “Stop it, I’m so nervous.”
Robert, “Why are you nervous?” (0:02)

Press officer Patricia tells her staff, “We’ll have Vera Lynn strapping on a suicide belt in sympathy next.” (0:06)

Fisheries expert Alfred tells Patricia of a magazine called “Bass Mania.”
Patricia: “Bass Mania.” (0:28)

Sheikh Muhammed tells Alfred, “You think I’m mad.” (0::31)

His associate Tom tells Alfred’s manager Bernard, “Anglers, they’re obsessive crazies.” (0:39)

Patricia tells Alfred, “Anyone... who, frankly, wasn’t suffering from some kind of Asperger’s, would know that the last thing that I need is your bullying little phone call asking me to come into work so that you can update me on fish.”
Alfred: “The great thing about people with Asperger’s is it’s very difficult to hurt their feelings.”
“... I can’t help sometimes imagining that this crazy enterprise might just come off.” (0:46)

Harriet tells Alfred she is “Just turning into a mad woman.”
Alfred: “Talking to an answering machine is no madder than chatting to koi carp.“ (0:57)