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Margo Martindale, Hanna Hall, Adam Scarimbolo, Jim Dougherty, LaDonna Pettijohn, Raymond Kester, Sean Blodgett, Angela Steele, Frank T. Ziede, Mark A. Nash
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Defendant Jakob rocks during a hearing. The prosecutor tells the others, "... on the condition that he undergo a full psychiatric evaluation at the state hospital... determine the type of therapy that he requires and possibly the need for long term inpatient care... a threat to both himself and others."
Jakob's mother Janice: "I will not let them put my son in a crazy-people hospital."
Jakob's public defender: "Your son has a disability that makes him prone to random acts of aggression... he can't speak."
Janice: "He doesn't like to be touched." (0:10)

Janice finds Jakob moaning and shaking. (0:20)

Jakob and two other boys huff cleaning fluid from a rag in a locker room. Jacob falls to the floor in a grand mal seizure. (0:30)

A psychologist administers a puzzle test to Jakob. (0:35)

Jakob's father tells Janice his son is "not some... retard." (0:36)

Janice tells college student Paige, "Disability has nothing to do with age."
Paige: "I would like to be a social worker..."
"... what is his disability?"
Janice: "He has anoxic brain injury... hit his head... coma..." (0:41)

Janice tells Paige, "He doesn't mean to be so self-destructive..." (0:54)

aige tells Janice, "... I've never once seen him hurt himself..." (1:07)

Paige calls adult protective services: "I'd like to report a possible abuse."
Voice on telephone: "Have you ever... seen this person being physically abused?" (1:10)