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Diane Venora, Monty Lapica, Greg Germann, Michael Bowen
psilocin | marijuana | alprazolam | psilocybin
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Misnamed, this film primarily addresses Andrew's struggle to deal with the death of his father, not just with drugs, but with self-defeating and often dangerous behavior and his mother's decision to have him forcibly abducted to a treatment center. It does not address the concept of self-medication.

Smoking a joint while driving (0:02).

Buying drugs from a dealer (0:08).

A friend tells Andrew his mom Louise has been getting prescription drugs from Mexico, and we discover that the death of Andrew's father has contributed to events to follow (0:12).

As Louise takes pills we see a bottle labeled "Xanex" on the night stand (0:12).

Smoking crack cocaine (?) with a glass pipe (0:14).

Drug use at a party in the desert: kids inhaling nitrous oxide (?) from balloons; asking how many "'shrooms" one should use (0:15).

Two men abduct Andrew (0:21) to take him to the Brightwood rehab center (0:23) where he meets Dan, who introduces himself as the head counselor.

Dr. Reinholz (psychiatrist?) reads Andrew's history from written records. (0:27)

Dr. Reinholz administers psychological testing to Andrew. (0:29)

Group psychotherapy led by counselor Dan. Trevor talks about heroin use. A girl talks about abuse by her stepfather. (0:35)

Group psychotherapy. (0:39, 0:52)

Dr. Reinholz recommends Zoloft for Andrew because he suffers from "clinical depression" and "repressed emotional development." (0:43)

Individual counseling with counselor Kieth, including confrontation. (0:45)

Group psychotherapy with Dan. John talks about his brother's suicide. (0:49)

After Andrew loses control and becomes assaultive and defiant staff inject him with an unidentified drug. (0:51)

Friends share a joint. (0:52)

Keith running group psychotherapy and teaching visualization techniques. (0:54)

Andrew says, "I will kill myself." (1:06)

Andrew smokes marijuana in a bong. (1:09)

Louise take pills (1:11) and admits she has taken more drugs than the doctor prescribed (1:33).

Andrew is finally able to scatter his father's ashes according to his wishes. (1:40)