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The Sicilian Girl

Veronica D'Agostino, Gérard Jugnot, Giulia Andò, Roberto Bonura, Paolo Briguglia, Francesco Casisa, Giusi Cataldo, Miriana Faja, Lollo Franco, Marcello Mazzarella
Rita Atria
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Overcome with grief a young woman tells Mafia boss Don Michele, "They killed him." (0:05)

Bellafiore tells Don Michele, "I'll sell it and we'll get into the real business, drugs." (0:11)

A rival kills Don Michele. His daughter Rita (Rita Atria) grieves. (0:19)

Rita's brother Carmelo tells her, "On Sunday Don Salvo will be at the village harbor for a drug deal." (0:24)

Rita grieves the death of her brother. (0:27)

Rita's friend Vito tells Mafia boss Don Salvo, "She roams around the house, talking like a madwoman." (0:28)

One of his men tells Don Salvo, "And everyone agreed on how to divide up the drug trade." (0:36)

Rita's mother tells her, "You're mad. Mad." (0:40)

Rita visits the graves of her brother and her father. (0:41)

Young police officer Bruni tells prosecutor Dottore, "This confirms Rita isn't some hysteric." (0:54)

Rita tells Bruni and Dottore, "In the mid '80's... Don Salvo wanted to shift the clan's activity to the drug trade." (0:59) 

Dottore tells Rita, "Easy money had come along and the clans were fighting for the drug trade."
Rita: "My father was against drugs." (1:11)

Reading about Bruni's murder in a newspaper, Rita cries. (1:15)

Rita's mother tells her, "And Rita's brother who hid drug shipments around the house." (1:18)

A defense attorney protests "... the fantastical ravings of some fixated young girl."
Another defense attorney: "Madam, we have dozens of accounts proving that your witness is a compulsive liar, ..." (1:26)

Referring to Don Michele, a witness testifies Rita is "as compulsive a liar as he was." (1:27)

Rita grieves the loss of Dottore. (1:35)

Rita tells Vito, "Rita wins... the fixated little girl." She climbs over the balcony wall and lets herself fall to her death.
Rita's mother visits her grave.
Pallbearers carry Rita's casket. (1:46)