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Silver Skies

George Hamilton, Jack McGee, Barbara Bain, Howard Hesseman, Mariette Hartley, Valerie Perrine
crack cocaine | ethyl alcohol-chloral hydrate
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Mickey: “You know we take more pills for whatever ails us, which causes side effects...” (0:06)

Nick tells Phil, “You’ve already lost half your marbles.”
Phil: ”I can’t think of my name. I don’t know who the hell I am.” (0:13)

Eve asks her retired driving instructor husband Frank, “You wanna slip me a Mickey?” (0:29)

Race track clerk Nick tells his boss, “Had a stressful day.” (0:30)

Nick tells widow Harriet, “He’s got Alzheimer’s.”
”You know, you lose your marbles...” (0:34)

Her financial adviser Lawrence tells Harriet, “Now I’m no shrink, but this does not compute.”
Harriet: “You’re right, CPA does not stand for Certified Psycho Analyst.” (0:48)

Rental manager Kevin tells maintenance man Miguel, “I swear to God they’re like friggin’ crack.” (0:48)

Miguel, Francine and Kevin find Ethel unresponsive after an apparent overdose. (0:49)

Harriet appears to experience a flashback of abuse by her deceased husband. (0:51)

Ethel tells Frank, “I can’t even kill myself right.” (0:52)

Her husband Mickey tells Eve, referring to real estate agent Francine, “You tell her, Norma Rae.” (0:57)

Nick tells Harriet, referring to Phil, “He needs familiar surroundings, you know, or he freaks out.” (1:01)

Lawrence tells Harriet, “But this is insane.” (1:08)

Mickey tells Harriet, referring to Kevin, “But Eve said, ‘No, no, no, that’s too good for that pervert.” (1:14)

Retirement home owner Howard tells the others, “I am not crazy about this...”
Harriet: “Kevin sexually assaulted Eve Dennison.” (1:15)

Frank tearfully talks to a photograph of his deceased wife. (1:20)