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Bridget Barkan, Ed Begley Jr., Shon Blotzer, Agnes Bruckner
chlorpromazine | Thorazine
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Nurse at bedside reads Naval Medical Center Discharge Form: "Depression- PTSD. Ethol Abuse." (0:02)

Rock singer Dori, at the end of a song, says inappropriate, irrational things to her concert audience, appearing to alienate them. Does this reflect delusional thinking? (0:06)

A motor vehicle accident leaves Sue unconscious from a head injury and Father Concoff in critical condition. (0:11)

Mark's father Gil beats Mark up. (0:15)

A sign reads: Haveral County, Connecticut Psychiatric Hospital. (0:16)

Gil talks to Mark about the loss of his mother (0:20)

Dori and Sue at Bedford House, a halfway house (0:28)

Mark's friend tells him about Sue, "She started to barf all her food and mutilate herself with razors." (0:38)

Dori tells Mark, "I'm schizophrenic." Mark tells her he wants to have schizophrenia too because he would be discharged and "be with you." (0:40)

Psychotherapy group. Sue: "I ate 3 bags of marshmallows... I wish I were dead." (0:43)

While meeting with her and her parents Dori's internist mentions "Thorazine." (0:49)

Sue tells Mark, referring to Dori, "She's pretty sick Mark. Schizophrenics are not well." (1:02)

Dori becomes distracted while playing foosball with Mark. (1:08)

Dori back in hospital. (1:09)

In the halfway house Dori breaks window glass, cutting herself. Back in hospital again she takes unidentified pills provided by nurse. (1:10)

Dori composes a letter to Mark: "Then I went insane. I thought hell was really calling me, and I'm back in St. Tony's. These pills make my tongue all heavy and fat." (1:10)

Group psychotherapy at the halfway house. When mark returns Dori addresses him from the porch: "Mark, this is my support group. They're here in order to support me saying that I can't see you anymore." (1:18)

Combat injured Mark passes out after exposure to emotional stimulus in the form of a letter from Dori. Can cataplexy result from a brain injury? (1:29)

At the halfway house Mark discusses Dori with her psychotherapist, who wants him to stay away from her. She says, "The onset of schizophrenia in the early 20s is not a good prognosis." (1:21)

How does the portrayal of Dori in this film match or differ from that of most individuals who suffer from schizophrenia? What other diagnoses might you consider? What about Sue? Can we attribute her psychopathology to the head injury?