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Ron O'Neal, Carl Lee, Sheila Frazier, Julius Harris, Charles McGregor, Nate Adams, Polly Niles, Yvonne Delaine
cocaine | marijuana
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Drug dealer Priest snorts cocaine. He asks his lover Cynthia, “You want a blow?”
Cynthia: “Some things go better with coke.” (0:03)

A drug dealer tells Priest, “Try some of this coke.”
Priest takes a few snorts.
Fat Freddie: “Priest, all I do is sell coke.” (0:11)

Priest snorts coke.
Priest’s partner Eddie: “Those junkies must’ve knocked a hole in your head... You... can snort a half a piece of dope every day.”
Priest: “Look... we’re gonna buy 30 keys of coke, man.”
Eddie: “Man, you’re... out of your mind.”
”You crazy. Scatter said after that last thing he wasn’t gonna deal no more coke.”
”Are you crazy?” (0:17)

Fat Freddie: “This is crazy.” (0:21)

Priest asks Scatter, “You want a blow?”
Scatter snorts coke. Priest snorts.
Scatter: “That cocaine I laid on you, you used to get that 300,000, huh?... I ain’t got no coke left.”
”Got any coke left?” (0:28)

Eddie asks Priest, “You crazy, nigga?”
Priest, referring to Scatter: “He’s a crazy old man too.” (0:35)

A dealer tells Priest. “I was around Scatter’s when them ho’s went crazy on me... Crazy mothers...”
Fat Freddie: “Listen, give me one of them joints...”
Fat Freddie tokes up.
Priest: “We didn’t want to come down on you, Freddie, but coke costs money...”
”Selling cocaine, as usual.”
Freddie: “Say, man, give me another one of those joints...” (0:37)

Priest tokes a joint.
Priest’s lover Georgia: “I know how dope helps hold your head together.” (0:40)

A cop radios, “Probably a dope dealer. Yeah, cocaine.” (0:46)

A cop tells Priest: “You just picked up a key of cocaine from Scatter. (0:53)

Eddie tells Priest, “I don’t know nothin’ else but dope, baby... bank rollin’ some other small time pusher... If it wasn’t for you... I’d be OD’d someplace.”
”Cut it...” (0:55)

Drug labs, handling, measuring, packaging, snorting and dealing cocaine. (0:57)

A man tells Priest, “Dig it, dope peddler.” (1:02)

Priest tells another dealer, “That snort you just had was on a full.” (1:04)

Cynthia tells Priest, “Those friends of mine want to buy a pound of coke.”
Priest: “... you’re about the best dealer I have.” (1:05)

Eddie asks Priest, “What do you think of Scatter OD’ing?”
Priest: ”OD? Scatter didn’t OD.”
Eddie: “Are you crazy?” (1:16)

Deputy Commissioner Reardon tells Priest, “I thought you were gonna be the best dealer I ever had... You just wanna be another two-bit black junky.”
Priest snorts cocaine. (1:25)

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