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Mya Taylor, Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Karren Karagulian, Mickey O'Hagan, Alla Tumanian, James Ransone
crack cocaine | marijuana
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Transsexual sex workers Alexandra and Sin-Dee Rella meet in a donut shop. (0:00)

Her friend asks Sin-Dee, "Want to smoke some weed. I got some weed." (0:04)

Sin-Dee tells Alexandra, "I don't know what... you was trippin' on, girl." (0:06)

A John tells Alexandra, "My family's driving me... crazy." (0:21)

A woman tells Sin-Dee, "I've been clean for thirty days. I've got my chip." (0:22)

Man, referring to Sin-Dee: "Is that crazy bitch coming back?" (0:34)

Sex worker Dinah tells Sin-Dee, You are so mad pathetic right now." (0:43)

Dinah tells Sin-Dee, "We're at Donut Time you... retard." (0:44)

Sin-Dee tells Alexandra, "I had a stressful day today."
Sin-Dee lights a crack pipe after she tells Dinah, "That's my pipe."
"Hit her. Hit her. She's smoking up." (0:48)

Cab driver Razmik tells his family, "I'm not in the mood for this." (0:53)

Sin-Dee and Alexandra smoke crack. (0:53)

A sex worker asks Sin-Dee, "Are you on something?" (0:57)

Pimp Chester tells Sin-Dee, referring to Jillian, "Please tell me you didn't go crazy on her?"
"You be trippin'... you can't be actin' this... crazy."
Sin-Dee: "Actually, you got me arrested when you asked me to hold your teener in my weave... Why don't you hold my teener?" (1:02)

A cab driver tells Razmik's mother-in-law Ashken, "This weather in L.A. doesn't help to set the holiday mood." (1:04)

His mother-in-law tells Razmik, "You are smoking marijuana with these people?"
Razmik tells Chester, "She thinks I'm doing drugs. Can you please tell her I don't do drugs?"
Chester: "No, he don't do my drugs."
Razmik: "Are you crazy?" (1:10)

Chester smokes crack. (1:11)

Razmik tells the donut shop clerk, referring to Ashken, "She's just a little bit crazy." (1:12)

Razmik asks his wife Yeva, "Are you people totally insane?" (1:13)

Chester, referring to Sin-Dee: "Her... ass goes... crazy on one of my hoes..." (1:16)

A car passenger tells Sin-Dee, "Merry Christmas you tranny fagot." (1:23)