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The Accidental Tourist

William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Geena Davis, Amy Wright, David Ogden Stiers, Ed Begley Jr., Bill Pullman, Robert Hy Gorman
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His wife Sarah tells author Macon, “People who lose a child often feel this way... Listen, have you ever considered we might have another baby?”
”I know we can’t replace Ethan.”
”It was a crazy idea, right? Crazy notion...”
Sarah: ”Macon, ever since Ethan died I’ve had to admit that people are basically bad.”
”Macon, I know you loved Ethan, and I know you mourn him...” (0:06)

Macon identifies the body of his son Ethan. (0:12)

Dog trainer Muriel tells Macon she can help dogs with “Even split personality.”
Macon: “Split personality?” (0:18)

Macon dreams he answers a call from Ethan. (0:20)

Muriel tells Macon, referring to his dog Edward, “Well, he’s developed this new symptom...” (0:21)

Rose and Porter organize kitchen cabinet contents alphabetically. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder? (0:32)

Macon and his siblings play a card game. Rose: “Outpatient.”
Macon: “Anesthetic.” (0:46)

Macon tells Muriel, “Last year... I lost my son.” (0:57)

His brother Porter tells Macon, “And this Muriel person’s just a symptom.” (1:11)

Muriel tells her son Alexander, “Don’t be nervous, honey.” (1:17)