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The Danish Girl

Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Ben Whishaw, Sebastian Koch, Amber Heard, Matthias Schoenaerts
Lili Elbe | morphine
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When portrait artist Gerda undresses her landscape artist husband Einar she discovers he wears a woman’s night dress. (0:19)

Einar fully dressed as a woman. (0:26)

Dressed as Lili, Einar visits Henrik. (0:42)

Dr. Hexler tells Einar, “You know the most likely explanation for all of this is a chemical imbalance.”
”That would explain the... confused state of masculinity...” (0:48)

Hexler: “Mrs. Wegener, you’re not encouraging this delusion. You do understand that your husband is insane.” (0:50)

Gerda reads a letter to Einar from Hexler: “I have had no choice but to recommend that you are treated for perversion at St Hans Hospital.” (0:51)

Einar tells Gerda, referring to Hexler, “He wants to lock me up.” (0:52)

Their dancer friend Ulla tells Gerda, referring to a doctor, “He’s interested in men like Einar who are confused...” (1:14)

Einar tells his childhood friend Hans, “Sometimes I think about killing Einer, but it’s only the thought that I’d be killing Lili too that stops me.” (1:19) 

Buson, appears to describe lobotomy to Einar: “A confused state of identity. I drill small holes here and here.”

He places his fingertips on either side of Einar’s head. (1:19)

Dr. McBride tells Einar, on a couch, “You are an homosexual.” (1:19)

Einar reads Dr. Mai’s note: “Schizophrenic.”
Einar escapes through a window as staff approach with a straitjacket. (1:20)

Einar asks Gerda, “Do you think I’m insane?”
Gerda: “You are not insane.” (1:20)

Einar: “Dr. Warnekros, the fact is that I believe I’m a woman, inside.”
”You probably think that I’m insane or that we both are.”
Warnekros: ”Well, there are people that think I’m insane... I’ve told him I could operate, to make him fully a woman...” (1:22)

Warnekros tells Gerda, “I’ll have to give her a great deal of morphine of course.”
Nurses administer general anesthetic gas to Lili. (1:31)

Nurses administer general anesthetic gas to Lili. (1:45)

Grief overcomes Gerda when she realizes Lili has died. (1:50)