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The History Boys

Samuel Barnett, Stephen Campbell Moore, James Corden, Frances de la Tour, Andrew Knott, Georgia Taylor, Russell Tovey, Penelope Wilton, Richard Griffiths
Adolf Hitler | Friedrich Nietzsche | Margaret Thatcher
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Teacher Irwin: “Shell shocked.” (0:15)

Student Timms tells Irwin, “Collapse of the Weimar Republic, internal disorder and the rise of Hitler.” (0:24)

Teacher Hector agrees with teacher Dorothy that Irwin is clever: “Depressingly so.” (0:25)

Irwin tells the boys, referring to World War I casualties, “And all the mournings veiled the truth.” (0:26)

Hector teaches: “Grief, happiness...”
”Could it be Paul Henreid and Bette Davis in Now, Voyager?” (0:32)

Irwin: “God knows why you’ve learned Brief Encounter.” (0:39)

Student Posner tells Irwin, “Sir, I think I may be homosexual.”
”I’m homosexual...” (0:43)

Student Dakin tells student Scripps, “Jesus, you’re headed for the bin.”
”I’ve been reading this book by Kneeshaw.”
”Kneeshaw... Frederick Kneeshaw.”
Scripps: ”I think that’s pronounced Nietzsche.”
Dakin, referring to Hector: “He let me call him Kneeshaw.” (0:44)

Irwin, lecturing: “If you want to learn about Mrs. Thatcher, study Henry VIII.” (0:47)

Hector: “Can’t you see I’m not in the mood?”
Dakin: ”What mood is that, sir? The subjunctive, the mood of possibility?” (1:03)

Dorothy: “Can you for a moment imagine how depressing it is to teach five centuries of masculine ineptitude?” (1:13)

Irwin tells Dakin, “I mean in 1939, for instance, Hitler made a move on Poland.”
”Hitler turning on Russia.”
Dakin: ”The mood used when something might or might not have happened. Hector’s crazy about the subjunctive.” (1:18)

Posner tells Dorothy, “I was so nice about Hitler.” (1:20)

Posner tells student Akthar, “They liked my Hitler answer.” (1:22)

Hector tells Irwin, “That’s what the tosh was for, Gracie Fields, Brief Encounter.” (1:27)

Dakin, referring to Hector, “But he had no memory of what caused it.” Memorial service for Hector. (1:41)

Timms tells Dorothy, “Chain of drycleaners, Miss, and I take drugs at the weekend.” (1:44)