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The Private Affairs of Bel Ami

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George Sanders, Angela Lansbury, John Carradine, Susan Douglas Rubes, Ann Dvorak
George Sanders
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Editor Charles dies. (0:50)

Newspaper owner's wife Virginia tells journalist Georges, "You must be mad." (1:03)

Virginia tells Georges, "You're right. It's a kind of madness." (1:09)

Charles' twice bereaved widow Madeleine tells George, referring to her lover Comte de Vaudrec, "I've just come from his death bed." (1:14)

Virginia's daughter Susanne tells Georges, referring to her mother's painting, "it's a mania with her." (1:30)

Georges tells widow Clotilde, "Egotism is everything. Egotism as regards ambition and fortune is better than egotism as regards woman and love." (1:33)

Remade as Bel Ami.