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The Quiet Room

Celine O'Leary, Paul Blackwell, Chloe Ferguson, Phoebe Ferguson, Kate Greetham, Todd Telford, Peter Ferris, Peter Green
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Girl’s thoughts: “I don’t have any problems any more since I stopped talking... Now both of me is watching.” (0:04)

Mother tells Father, “Don’t forget the counselor tonight.” (0:07)

Babysitter Kate tells Girl, “Some of the junior kids reckon you’ve gone mad.”
”You have gone mad.” (0:17)

Father tells Girl, “Got myself confused.” (0:21)

Girl’s thoughts: “Stop it you two.” (0:33)

Girl talks through a hand puppet, only echoing Mother. (0:47)

Mother tells Girl, referring to Father, “Dad would put you in the opossum patch and dance around with you for hours... and off he’d go again, dancing around the house like a madman to keep you happy.” (0:56)

Girl’s thoughts, referring to goldfish: “Do their kids have feelings they don’t have names for?” (1:00)

Girl, out loud: “Mom, Dad, stop it. Stop it...” (1:04)

Girl calls out, “Mom, Mom, Dad, Mom, I can’t move. I need to go to the toilet.” (1:16)

Girl’s thoughts: “Mom, I need to talk to you Mom, but the words won’t come out.” (1:23)

Girl tells Kate: “I just got mad at them and stopped talking, and now I can’t start again.” (1:25)

Girl give Father and Mother a picture: “This is how I feel. That’s how you make me feel.” (1:27)