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The Way Way Back

Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Allison Janney, AnnaSophia Robb, Sam Rockwell, Maya Rudolph, Liam James, Rob Corddry, Amanda Peet
marijuana | Jeffrey Dahmer | crack cocaine | cocaine
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Neighbor Betty tells caterer Pam, Pam’s boyfriend Trent and Pam’s son Duncan, “Another night of drinking alone and I was going to kill myself. I’m off the wagon again.”
”Now my oldest Charlie is still into the drugs and psychedelic music. Drugs I get... Don’t do drugs... Duncan... Susanna... She’s a walking mood.” (0:05)

Beach girl: “I’m gonna do drugs with my kids.”
Trent’s daughter Steph asks Duncan, ”What are you staring at, perv?” (0:10)

Steph: “Enjoy therapy.” (0:14)

Trent’s friend Joan, imitating Christine: “Somebody took my weed.” (0:17)

Susanna tells Duncan, referring to her mother Betty and her father, “She’s all freaked out that I’m gonna want to live with him or whatever.” (0:31)

Water park rental booth clerk Lewis tells park worker Owen, “Some kid threw up in Crazy Tubes.”
Owen tells Duncan, referring to Lewis, “Germophobe.”
”Don’t let the Dahmer glasses fool you.” (0:35)

Caitlin tells Owen, “Some kid threw up near Crazy Tubes.” (0:36)

Owen tells some boys, “Last I heard he went into a deep depression... He turned to cocaine to escape the limelight... You got sober...”
Owen tells Duncan, “Actually that crack-addled male whore was me.” (0:38)

Park worker Roddy tells Owen, “Some kid threw up in the Crazy Tubes.” (0:38)

Owen tells Duncan, “... people drive like idiots on the Fourth.” (0:41)

Duncan tells Susanna, “My mom doesn’t smoke pot.” (0:46)

Charlie and Joan’s husband Kip roll a joint from marijuana. (0:48)

Owen asks the crowd, “Footloose?... How about the remake? (0:56)

Pam tells Trent, “Don't’ make me feel crazy.” (1:09)

Owen asks Peter, referring to Betty, “Is she insane?” (1:17)

Duncan asks Steph, “What are you staring at perv?” (1:27)