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Christian Clavier, Jean Reno, Valérie Lemercier
Valium | diazepam
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Referring to wizard Eusebius, Jacquouille tells Godefroy, "But they say he's senile."
"It's sheer lunacy."
"He's senile." (0:15)

Dr. Bauvin tells the gendarme: "Psychology Sergeant-Major."
He tells Godefroy, "A little shot and you'll be good as new." He reaches for his syringe. (0:30)

Dr. Bauvin, referring to Godefroy: "He's calmed down. Hold him down. I'll put him to sleep." He stuffs pills from a prescription bottle into Godefroy's mouth. (0:32)

Godefroy: "Their little red balls made me sleep."
Dr. Bauvin tells Godefroy's unsuspecting descendant Béatrice, "The 'little red balls' are Valium. Fifty milligrams. He barely slept."
Godefroy: "I am neither sick nor loony."
Dr. Bauvin: "Persecution mania."
"He's completely amnesic."
Béatrice: "Amnesiac?"
Dr. Bauvin: "It's often the case with amnesiacs."
Dr. Bauvin tells Jean-Pierre, "Take the Valium. If he gets violent give him five of them." (0:38)

Béatrice: "Jean-Pierre he has amnesia."
Jean-Pierre: "Who has amnesia?" (0:42)

Dentist Jean-Pierre tells Godefroy, "Stop that or I'll give you the little red balls." He holds out the prescription bottle. (0:44)

Observing her guests' behavior Béatrice asks, "Can amnesia be this serious?" (0:45)

Jean-Pierre: "Béa, they're retarded." (0:46)

Béatrice tells Godefroy, "Relax. You're hysterical, Hube." (0:49)

Jean-Pierre tells Béatrice, "Send them to the nuthouse." (0:53)

Jacquard tells Jean-Pierre and Béatrice, referring to Godefroy, "If he can't understand why Jacquart sounds better than Jacquasse, he should see a shrink."
Béatrice: "Amnesia." (0:57)

Jean-Pierre: "I can't stand it anymore."
Béatrice: "Take a Valium." (1:02)

Béatrice tells Jean-Pierre, "Jacquart will understand that Hubert is mentally ill."
Jean-Pierre: "Lock him up if he's mentally ill (1:04)

Outside the office a sign reads:
"Ferdinand Eusebe
Parapsychologue." (1:23)

Béatrice tells her embarrassed husband, "Jean-Pierre, you're paranoid. No one is staring." (1:26)

The police chief asks Godefroy, "What is that? crack? LSD?" (1:30)

Godefroy tells Béatrice, "The little red balls!"
Béatrice: "You want a tranquilizer, Hube?"
Jean-Pierre: "He's making progress. He realizes he's cracking up. Maybe he'll ask to be locked up." Insight?
Godefroy dumps the bottle of Valium into Jacquard's open mouth. (1:30)

Jacquard becomes intoxicated from the Valium. (1:37)

Jacquard screams, "I'm hallucinating!" (1:43)