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Wall Street

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Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Daryl Hannah, Martin Sheen, Hal Holbrook, Sean Young, John C. McGinley, Saul Rubinek, Sylvia Miles, James Spader, Franklin Cover, James Karen, Josh Mostel, Millie Perkins, Terence Stamp
Daryl Hannah | Charlie Sheen | cocaine | psilocybin
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Stock broker Lou tells stockbrokers Bud and Marvin, “Putney Drug...”
”but they got a good new drug.” (0:03)

Bud tells his aircraft machinist father Carl, “Nice to see you in such a good mood, Dad.”
Carl: “Damn mandatory drug tests are driving my men crazy.” (0:09)

Gordon Gekko tells Bud, “I hope you’re intelligent.” (0:16)

Bud’s date Lisa snorts cocaine. (0:27)

Gekko tells Bud that British CEO Larry Wildman “... stole R.D.L. Pharmaceuticals right from under me.” (0:33)

Bud tells Gordon’s interior decorator friend Darien, “It’s nice -- if you’re on mushrooms.” (0:47)

Gekko tells Wildman, “In fact it’s gonna be fun watching you and your giant ego try to make a horse race of it.” (0:50)

His lawyer friend Roger asks, “Buddy, is this déjà vu?” (0:54)

Gekko, referring to his son Rudy: “Kid had the highest score on his I.Q. test.” (1:02)

Darien asks Gekko, “Are you crazy?”
Gekko, referring to love: “A fiction created by people to keep them from jumping out of windows.” (1:12)

Darien tells Bud, “... I’m getting psychotic from a lack of R.E.M. sleep.” (1:19)

Gekko: “I’m up to my ass in more nuts than a fruitcake.” (1:21)

Gekko: “I got no illusions about winning a popularity contest with any of you.” (1:23)

Gekko tells Bud, “The illusion has become real.”
Referring to wealth: ”One third of that comes from hard work. Two thirds comes from... interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons... You got that killer instinct.” (1:36)