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Welcome to the Dollhouse

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Heather Matarazzo, Matthew Faber, Brendan Sexton III, Eric Mbius, Victoria Davis, Christina Vidal, Siri Howard, Telly Pontidis, Herbie Duarte, Scott Coogan
marijuana | Barbara De Angelis
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Student Dawn tells teacher Mrs. Grissom, “I was nervous.” (0:12)

Dawn calls student Brandon “Retard.” (0:37)

Brandon asks Dawn, “So you still think I’m a retard?”
Dawn: ”No, Brandon, you’re not a retard.” (0:39)

Dawn tells Brandon, “But I think marijuana should be legalized.”
Brandon tells her, referring to his brother, ”He’s retarded.” (0:43)

Principal Mr. Edwards, by public address: “On a more worrisome note, drugs were found extinguished yesterday in the boys’ lavatory... any student caught using or selling drugs... Drugs are illegal.” (0:50)

Her younger friend Ralphy tells Dawn, “Brandon McCarthy’s just a retard.” (0:55)

Steve tells Dawn, “Special people equals retarded. Your club is for retards.” (0:58)

Television: “Barbara De Angelis Ph.D.” (1:04) 

Her brother Mark tells Dawn, “The doctor’s not sure, but Mom thinks it might be a nervous breakdown.” (1:07)

Dawn tells Brandon, “I’m sure Mr. Edwards will let you back in if you stop dealing drugs.”
Brandon: ”Who said I deal drugs?”
”Jed’s the one that deals.”
”Maybe I will do drugs now.” (1:12)

Sequel: Palindromes