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What the Bleep Do We Know!?

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Marlee Matlin, Elaine Hendrix, John Ross Bowie
paroxetine | heroin
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Apparently stressed by her situation, photographer Amanda takes paroxetine from her prescription bottle. (0:10)

Her roommate Jennifer tells Amanda, "Maybe you should try different anxiety pills." (0:16)

Amanda drops her pills on the subway platform. (0:33)

"Master Teacher" Ramtha: "... addiction is the feeling of a chemical rush..." (0:45)

"Along the outside of the cell are these billions of receptor sites..."
Biochemist Candace Pert PhD: "A receptor that has a peptide sitting in it changes the cell in many ways." (1:00)

Obese wedding guest stuffs himself with food. (1:01)

Chiropracter Joe Dispenza, DC: "Well my definition of addiction is something really simple: something that you can't stop."
"... fulfill the biochemical craving..."
"An addict will always need a little bit more in order to get a rush or high of what they're looking for chemically."
"So my definition really means that if you can't control your emotional state you must be addicted to it" (1:02)

Amanda takes another of her pills. (1:03)

Ramtha: "They're only in love with the anticipation of the emotions they're addicted to." (1:03)

Unseen narrator: "It's our addiction that's the problem. The thing that most people don't realize is that when they understand that they are addicted to emotions..."
"it's not just psychological... Heroin uses the same receptor mechanisms on the cells that our emotional chemicals use. It's easy to see then that if we can be addicted to heroin we can be addicted to any neuropeptide. (1:07)

Ramtha: "What about people who are addicted to sex?" (1:09)

Amanda sees herself as overweight when she looks in the mirror. She expresses self-loathing. (1:15)

Candace Pert PhD: "One of the things about receptors is they change in sensitivity. If a given receptor for a given drug... is being bombarded for a long time at a high intensity it will literally shrink up... less of them... desensitized or downregulated. So the same amount of drug or internal juice will elicit a much smaller response." (1:15)

Ramtha: "Why do you have addictions?" (1:20)

Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover, MD, MS: "In general the field of psychiatry really doesn't allow enough freedom of action on people's part... An awful lot of problems that get labeled as psychological problems really amount to people making rotten choices..." (1:21)

Joe Dispenza, DC: "They are so hypnotized by their environment... They start to flirt and interact with the perception that they may be having a nervous breakdown..." (1:22)

Joe Dispenza, DC: "What am I addicted to?... Because I may have to experience the chemical withdrawal from that." (1:25)

Ramtha: "... you have to love the abstract as much as you love the condition of addiction." (1:28)

Amanda discards her bottle of paroxetine. (1:39)