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Young and Innocent

Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney, Percy Marmont
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Murder victim Christine's husband manifests a facial tic. (0:02)

"Nonsense. The girl's hysterical." (0:05)

Solicitor Henry tells murder suspect Robert, "However we mustn't be too depressed about it." (0:11)

Robert tells Henry, "We mustn't be depressed on a day like this." (0:13)

Bum Old Will describes to Erica and Robert the facial tic he observed in the man who gave him the raincoat. (1:01)

We recognize the drummer as Christine's husband by his facial tic, which gradually worsens as he becomes more upset. (1:14)

As he swallows unidentified pills the drummer tells his fellow musician he must "stop this twitch." He becomes progressively sedated and unable to play until he loses consciousness. (1:17)

Despite sedation the drummer's tic persists. (1:21)