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Young at Heart

Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Gig Young, Ethel Barrymore, Dorothy Malone, Robert Keith, Elisabeth Fraser, Alan Hale Jr., Lonny Chapman
Gig Young
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Their musician father Gregory tells sisters Laurie, Fran and Amy, “You’re idiots. You’re all idiots.” (0:13)

Arranger Barney agrees with songwriter Alex, “Yeah, suburban drunks.” (0:36)

Laurie tells Barney, “Anybody can feel sorry for himself.” (0:46)

Barney tells Laurie, referring to a gingerbread man, “You’ve got me grinnin’ like an idiot.”
Laurie: ”All I know is that there’s a straight jacket waiting for you with your number on it.” (0:53)

Alex answers Laurie, “Of course I do, you idiot.”
Laurie: “Crazy.” (0:59)

Fran tells her real estate broker fiance Bob, “All girls get nervous on their wedding day.” (1:19)

Laurie calls Barney “Crazy mixed-up character.”
Barney: “Maybe you’re the one that’s crazy.” (1:27)

Barney turns off the wipers and speeds up in an apparent suicide attempt. (1:46)

Laurie tells Amy, referring to Barney, “He thinks he’s a failure and nobody loves him....” (1:48)