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Zombies of Mass Destruction

Janette Armand, Doug Fahl, Cooper Hopkins, Bill Johns, Russell Hodgkinson, Ali Hamedani, Cornelia Moore, James Mesher, Linda Jensen, Victoria Drake
Spoiler alert
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Brian tells his father Joe, “Jeez, Dad, anger management.” (0:04)

Rev. Haggis: “... but the people in this country are possessed with a madness...” (0:09)

Restaurant owner Ali tells his Princeton dropout daughter Frida, “If you think you’re going out dressed like that, you’re insane.” (0:16)

Tom tells his partner Lance, “This is crazy.” (0:18)

Rock musician Derek shows Frida a bag of marijuana.” (0:21)

Frida and Derek share a glass pipe. Derek, referring to his jokes: “It’s a defense mechanism.” (0:23)

Frida asks Joe, “Are you crazy?”
”Mr. Miller, this is... crazy.” (0:41)

Mr. Lucio holds a shotgun to his chin. We hear a gunshot off camera, and blood spatters the door window.
Lance: “You homophobe.” (0:46)

Frida tells Joe, “You’re out of your... mind.” (0:59)

Teacher Cheryl tells the others, “As you know, we are under siege by a gang of flesh-hungry cannibals.” (1:01)

Lance tells Mayor Burton, “How your retarded ass got to be mayor is beyond me!” (1:03)

Rev. Haggis tells Lance and Tom, “We have some footage of homosexual images, which you’ll watch, and we’ll inject you with an IV drip which will make you nauseous... conversion machine... it works.” Aversive conditioning? (1:09)

Frida places the muzzle of a shotgun against her chin. (1:11)